Heather, Upper West Side, NYC.

I first came to Dr. Nguyen during the worst of my divorce.  I came out of it knowing my values, understanding my history, and being a better parent than I had ever hoped.

Victor, originally from Sri Lanka.

Dr. Nguyen was brought on my asylum case by my probono lawyers as an expert evaluator.  I had gone through hell and back and had to confess my story to so many officials.  I was skeptical but helpless.  She was different from them all.  She knows her stuff.  But she was human.  Telling her my trauma history was actually somehow healing.  When I finished with her, something broke soft but I came away stronger.  She kicked ass on the witness stand.  We won.

Maham, Brooklyn.

My family doctor sent me to Dr. Leanh for an eating disorder.  Two sessions of consultation with her and we had a map for my life.  She had no “fancy” treatment technique for my bulimia, but got me to confront the stuckness and emptiness of my life.  We then went to work on my communications strategies with my Muslim parents, my White co-workers, my Jewish boyfriend.  I finally changed my job.  I started painting.  And I stopped binging. 

David, 49 from San Diego.

Go try her.  It’s a conversation like you wish you had when you were finishing up your 30’s.

Kerry and Maude, Park Slope, NYC.

My girlfriend and I were stuck. We didn’t know why we were so unhappy even though we were committed to each other.  Relationship coaching with Dr. Nguyen was like doing yoga for the heart.  We cleared the b.s. of fear and resentment and embarked on a whole new relationship.

Marva, Queens, NYC.

Single mom, criminal record, stuck in co-dependency with my mom, so afraid of losing my new boyfriend.  I asked Dr. Nguyen to help me keep the relationship.  1 year later:  Boyfriend is gone (after 5 break-ups), finally.  I moved out, saw my daughter graduate from college, got a loan for my own Bachelor’s.  You find your life with this doc.

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